Topless Radio. Cool music on streaming audio, music video programs featuring topless VJs (called "TJs"), interviews with bands and musicians. Great music programming and always a fun experience. Features music from several of Ry's various projects and a music video from Fearless ("Empty Head"), seen exclusively on Topless Radio. Sign up now while it's still free!, home of Nehara Kalev and C.Derrick Jones's company Catch Me Bird Dance Theater. Creators and performers of "The Wedding Journey" and "The Wedding Journey: PAPER", scored by Ry Welch.
Visit the website of "insane artist" Neal Taylor- his intricate pop art created through cutting and pasting small magazine scraps into portraits of musicians, celebrities and other subjects will absolutely blow your mind!, website of Fearless guitarist Scott Denett (aka Bloody Spinich).
Home of Sol-I, drum'n'bass band of amazing drummer/composer Spit Stix (Tim Leitch). Tim was the drummer for renowned LA Punk band FEAR, and produced the original demos by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sol-I, with it's melodic vocals and new-wave undertones, is some of the most broadly appealing music of it's kind. No matter what you're into, it's hard not to love it., website of longtime friend Tony Tone. Tony and I met on a jingle session in NYC and subsequently worked together on many tracks, which we will at some point be releasing. A very talented and inspired person that is always a pleasure to work with.
Website of Robert Ceely, composer. Ry's compostion teacher at New England Conservatory.
Brad Derrick, electronica artist and former bandmate. Played drums with Sass Troubadour, Phatness and Jamal Millner.
Jamal Millner, guitarist and former bandmate (Sass Troubadour, Phatness). Has performed with Dave Matthews and Corey Harris. Co-Produced Harris's acclaimed "Downhome Sophisticate" (a must-have). Engineered the Fearless album "Crystal Clear Mistake".


Gar Ragland, artist/ songwriter and former bandmate (Sass Troubadour). Gar currently operates independent label Riparius Records, and works for the Mountain Stage organization.
David Box, saxophonist and reed player. A member of the Ry Welch band in Austin, Texas. Currently heads the Jazz Department at La Sierra University, Riverside, California. A talented musician in any genre.
Corey Harris, Blues artist and friend from Charlottesville. If you've never heard his music, you're in for a nice surprise. Make sure and check out "Downhome Sophististicate" (Rounder, 2003), co-produced by Jamal Millner- one of my very favorite records.